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What is your opinion on Nian?

eldestsalvatore answered:

Do you know the song…….

Anything You Can Do I can Do Better

I can Do Anything Better Than You 

If you haven’t I’ll sum this song up for you it’s pretty much a guy and girl wanting to one up the other, and right now I feel like how that is with Nina and Ian. 

I’m not going to go in depth with this but I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Comic Con Ian is seen with Nikki vs Nina being cozy with Orlando Bloom and Ben 

Farmers Market Pics vs Nina’s Ice Bucket Challenge 

If you also notice it happens in a pattern one thing comes out and then the next. 

Ian has never been the type to really give an inside look into his life but now he’s posting on his twitter about his “girlfriend” and btw Nina follows both.

I feel as if they are acting like children, trying to show who has moved on and is better off. Ian might seem all smiley and happy go lucky to you, but remember he is an actor, he gets paid to act so it’s not like it’s difficult for him to fake a smile. Some of the pap pics just seem so forced, almost as if he’s trying too hard to show he’s happy and what not. 

They aren’t idiots. They aren’t perfect at the end of the day they are human and they do exactly what we do when we break up with our other halves, show them how great our lives are. The fact Ian feels the need to take her to set almost is as if he’s trying to say hey look at me I’ve got a girlfriend. It’s childish.

Then you have Nina who yes keeps talking about how the media keeps attaching her to some new male, but the thing is she keeps bringing it up, and that’s what the media wants to get the story on. Her new boy toy, because they know crap like that will sell, and so does she, and so does Ian.

Your idols aren’t perfect, try to remember that. 



And this is the unexpected behaviour that we were going to see this season? Elena weeping and going on a kill spree. Please. What a load of crap. This show couldn’t be more predictable.

Personally, I stopped caring about Elena long ago, so I’d prefer to watch a teaser about other characters who…

I love ur brain this makes so much sense :3 thank you



The final fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002)

This is my favorite scene in all the Raimi movies. As much as I love Spider-Man 2's Train Scene, this slightly trumps it. It's a very raw and gritty scene with a hint of Evil Dead 2's Camera work. It also uses the least amount of CGI and relies mostly on practical effects. 

This one scene is 100x better than the whole of The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Thank u